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As long as I have been associated with DCS I have always been pleased with my child's spiritual guidance from the entire staff.  Equally important I love working at the school and being with the children everyday.  By starting out as a TEA gave me the desire to get my degree to prayerfully and hopefully work at DCS someday soon! I am thankful for the school. - Submitted to DCS in 2012 Parent Satisfaction Survey

The commitment of the staff to educate the whole child is very important to me. It was important to my family for my children to have the opportunity to get a balanced high school experience, meaning that while education was the reason they were here,they had the opportunity to participate in sports and other extra-curricular activities that allowed growth on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Submitted to DCS in 2012 Parent Satisfaction Survey

Dedicated, qualified teachers who teach with the purposeful desire that the children/students thrive not only academically, but spiritually...with the full support and collaboration of the entire DCS personnel.Submitted to DCS in 2012 Parent Satisfaction Survey

My daughter needed a place where she could be herself. In the prior school she was attending she did not feel accepted. DCS highlights teachings that we reinforce at home, and she feels free to be herself. This has also improved her grades since she doesn't have to spend so much energy to fit in the world. Submitted to DCS in 2012 Parent Satisfaction Survey

I like the atmosphere and beliefs, the way the kids bond together like family, and that the classrooms are well balanced and not to large. - Submitted to DCS in 2012 Parent Satisfaction Survey 

Love this school!!! We have had our kids at this school since 1998. We had to put them in public school for a few years due to a financial issue and hated every minute of it. We love the God centered education, loving teachers, and safe environment. My kids have always received a high quality education. In fact my oldest just graduated and received two scholarships to the University of Hawaii. I can't thank the teachers and staff enough for everything they do. Submitted by a parent at - August 2011

We started our oldest at the middle school, thinking we'd move him to public school in 9th grade. 3 weeks into 6th grade, he asked, "I can go here through high school right?" He finished high school in 2011 and is now finishing up a freshman year in college where he's already been recognized as a leader and model student. We credit Desert Christian with giving him wonderful opportunities to be a leader in sports, music, and academics. Yes he would have succeeded in a public school but those opportunities to lead would have been much fewer. It's those skills that will best prepare him to be a leader in his church, career, and community. The relationships he's built with his teachers have helped mature him and work comfortably with adults in college. Desert Christian has so many opportunities for involvement that colleges look for. I couldn't recommend it enough. Submitted by a parent at - May 2012

Desert Christian is the best school in the A.V. My children have been going here since pre-school, we tried something different for one year and learned our lesson, in that... there is just NO comparison to DCS! The teachers are very compassionate & kind in a very Christ-like way. Their motto this year is "Respect" & that goes both ways, but most of all it is Bible-centered teaching. A+ for Desert Christian! Submitted by a parent at Great - February 2012

The teachers in middle school are awesome in the way they support the children, in their committment to serving Christ and in their good attitudes and cheerfulness. - Submitted to DCS in 2011 Parent Satisfaction Survey.

The teachers really do care. They take time to show the parents how their kids are doing and keep the parents very well informed on the status of their kids. The entire staff is always there to answer every question we have. - Submitted to DCS in 2011 Parent Satisfaction Survey.