Desert Christian High School
Brian Roseborough, High School Principal
A culture of involvement- The adult faculty and staff of DCHS is vitally involved in the development of the whole child, spending countless hours leading efforts in athletics, leadership, discipleship, personal academic chal­lenge and remediation. When they are not leading a club or activity they are often seen at community events or sports that feature their current or former students. Why does this happen? It happens because these teachers and staff mem­bers are genuinely interested in the personal growth of their students and are devoting their lives to support that goal.
An approach of engagement- DCHS academics are structured to engage students in learning activities that reflect the best practices and research in education. This approach keeps students motivated and interested in the learning process. The DCHS student athletics and activities program is designed to provide a rich palette of opportuni­ties for students as they explore their interests and make choices for the future.
A community of positive relationships- We were made for relationships. And relationships that are good cre­ate freedom, support and encouragement. Desert Christian Middle School strives to maintain an environment where healthy relationships between parents, students, faculty and staff provide the underpinning for growth and good things. We not only want students’ years with us to be their best so far, we want to teach them how to have great years ahead by managing relationships according to God’s plan.
We think that makes us pretty special. Because that is how Desert Christian High School helps write life stories, one student at a time.