Home Education Program

Desert Christian Home Education program exists to provide support and encouragement to families who have chosen to educate their K - 12th grade children at home.


In addition, the Desert Christian Directed Study Program (DCDSP), which is a ministry of the Desert Christian Schools Home Education Program, provides a flexible schedule and academic supervision by qualified on-campus instructors who meet with high school students weekly for instruction and evaluation.


Our Philosophy of Home Education
We believe that God ordained the family as the primary social unit to produce children who are wise and useful in His kingdom.
We believe that the primary relationship in the home is the marriage.
We believe that the fathers have the responsibility to bring up their children in the wisdom and instruction of the Lord.
We believe that each mother is responsible to love and nurture her children toward godliness.
We believe that God always couples responsibility with authority, and therefore, we alone are responsible for disciplining our children.
We believe that God is the author of all truth, and the Bible should be the foundation and center of education.
We believe that regular evaluation and accountability with other believers is an integral part of home education.
We believe that the parents are responsible for the oversight of both the academic and spiritual education of their own children.