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International Space Station Team


Desert Christian International Space Station Team

Desert Christian High School students have a unique opportunity that very few schools in the nation are given.  The Desert Christian International Space Station (DCISS) Team is composed of motivated high school students with a goal of sending an experiment to the International Space Station.  The DCISS Team is in its second year with the focus of our research being the future space power sources for planetary rovers and satellites along with potential earth bound applications for cars, cell phones, and laptop computers. 

The DCISS team is divided into three parts; Science, Engineering, and Public Relations.  Teams are assembled and DCHS students work with mentors to accomplish all the technical and business related work required to getting our experiment designed, fabricated, and ready for flight.  By being part of the DCISS Team, students learn valuable skills and application, with next year's team being selected prior to the end of the current school year.

To find out more about us and what we are up to, you can follow us on Facebook.