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8-Man Football

Desert Christian football is characterized by dedicated coaches, student athletes, and parent volunteers. Although the student population is currently not large enough to field an 11-man football team, DC is joining league opponents Lone Pine, Mammoth and defending CIF champs Mojave to form a CIFSS recognized 8-man football league for the 2017 season. Our highly competitive schdule for the 2017 season will allow Desert Christian players to test their metal and continue to put together highlight tapes for those who desire to play at the next level.

But what are the chances that an 8-man football player could garner an athletics scholarship? Really, just like 11-man football, the recruiting process is highly dependent on camps and combines, and not so much highlight reels (which are typically snapshots of great plays against weak competition). The following excerpt from Recruiting 101 ( gives insight into what the recruiting process looks like:

"Here is a perfect example for you in terms of how much a camp matters to an athlete. Going back to the same Midwestern State as I mentioned earlier, a player playing in 8-Man football eventually received multiple scholarship offers during the spring of his junior year. This player was able to do this after impressing college coaches during the summer at their camp and then sending junior year film. That was enough for multiple schools to offer this player because they had seen the improvement from the summer to his junior year.

Obviously this recruit impressed the coaches enough during the camp that he could play. But even against 8-Man competition on tape, the coaches were wowed into offering an early scholarship. If he had not gone to the camp the previous summer, there is little doubt that he would have gotten the scholarship that early in the recruiting process. College coaches put such an emphasis on camps for many reasons that if you are a small school player, you need to excel at the camps.

Also I would try and get to as many combines and different things to show off your ability as you can. You will receive less accolades as a whole if you are a small school player. But if you do a great job on the camp circuit and show the coaches what you are made of, then you won’t have to worry about if you are playing at a small school or a big school" (retrieved 4/3/2017).

Desert Christian is dedicated to helping players with an opportunity to reach the next level learn about camps and combines in Southern California in order to showcase their talents.  All of our coaches are firmly committed to providing top-of-the-line football instruction, while running a faith-based program that keeps students' eyes on what is truly important. Student athletes are encouraged to glorify God through all they do, and apply biblical truths and lessons learned from training to becoming champions in every aspect of their lives.