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Computer Lab

ES Computer Lab

The Desert Christian Elementary School Computer Lab is an exciting environment filled with curiosity and learning. In the lab we learn and practice the basics of the Microsoft Office programs: Word and PowerPoint. We use Xtra Math to practice the basic math facts in a timed setting. Students in 1st and 2nd grade sharpen their math skills through the Splash Math program, while students in 3rd-5th grade improve their mastery of math concepts through the ALEKS program. We sharpen our critical thinking skills through the use of, all while learning the skill of block computer programing at the same time. For the 3rd through 5th Grade classes we are learning touch typing utilizing a great program called Typing Club. In addition to these wonderful programs, we also go on exploratory WebQuests, complete exercises in Google Earth, practice graphic art through the Paint program, complete STAR testing, take Accelerated Reader quizzes and practice our instructional reading skills through Accelerated Reader. We also discover Computer Technology’s exciting past, present and future through video clips designed to inform and inspire our students to dream big.