About Us
Matt Chavez, Superintendent
Many prospective parents have asked, "What makes Desert Christian Schools different from public and other private schools?"
I answer by explaining our commitment to honor Jesus Christ in all aspects of our program and reliance upon the Bible as the source of all truth. These are the philosophical underpinnings at the core of all credible Christian schools. That being understood, I believe the uniqueness of the Desert Christian experience lies with the teachers and staff who stand before our students each day. It is our teachers who make the difference in enabling students “to develop a God-centered worldview with the ability to apply biblical principles to everyday decisions.”  Apart from parents, teachers have the most powerful influence on our lives.  What is most distinctive about Desert Christian Schools? Teachers who help students know what they believe and why they believe it, and give them opportunities to integrate that knowledge into their lives through leadership, service, and the application of learning.  We invite you to explore the Desert Christian Schools’ website in order to capture a picture of the character and vision of our school.



Pastor Matt Chavez welcome to DCSweb from Desert Christian School on Vimeo.