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8-Man Football 

The Knights are part of the Heritage League in 8-man football, playing teams from throughout Southern California. Our highly competitive schedule allows Desert Christian players to play both public and private schools with similar enrollment population. Football can be a challenging sport. To prepare we conduct physical training in our weight room, full pads practices, and aerobics. Our training can be physically demanding, ensuring our athletes are prepared. Football can help you learn to persevere through trials. Being on the Desert Christian Football Team is all about forming not only relationships on the team but also strengthening your relationship with God. We play to honor Him.


Cross Country 

Desert Christian has great students who are both talented athletically and who are willing to work hard. Our boys' and girls' cross country teams are no different. They log countless miles on their own during the summer with coaching staff, running on the Pacific Crest Trail and in other scenic and mountainous locations simply because they want to be the best they can be. Their desire to achieve propels them to put in the work that other teams are not willing to attempt.  All of our coaches are firmly committed to providing top-of-the-line distance training, while running a faith-based program that keeps students' eyes on what is truly important. Student athletes are encouraged to glorify God through all they do, and apply biblical truths and lessons learned from training to becoming champions in every aspect of their lives. This legacy program has won the league title for over 30 years. 


Volleyball (Girls)   

Desert Christian Girls' volleyball has a proud tradition of excellence. Fielding both varsity and JV teams, it is definitely one of the most popular sports at the high school. Summer training usually begins in late June and will entail physical conditioning, basic skill development, team building, and player assessment. Tryouts are conducted at the coach's discretion. 


Desert Christian High School cheerleading is where all the fun begins. Our cheerleaders participate in summer camp, games, homecoming, pep rallies, and many other exciting events. They hold a very important job as high school cheerleaders; not only do they represent the teams that they cheer for, but they also represent the school. Our cheerleaders attend games not only to encourage the teams but also to keep the crowd entertained. Cheer is a dual-season sport (Fall-Winter). Tryouts are in May, and the squad stays together from late June to mid-February. Besides being a pep-squad, they compete in a Sharp Cheer competition.