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The history of Knights baseball has been remarkably consistent in terms of results (a streak of 14 consecutive playoff appearances since 2006 with a combined record of: 269-79-1 and 12 league titles). However, wins and losses are not how God measures success, and if we measure it that way, we are missing the point.  The main goal of our program is to develop young athletes who are not just faithful to play hard, but faithful to worship and serve God first (and God ONLY) in their hearts and lives. 

Our team includes players from both DCHS and DCHEP (Desert Christian Home Education Program) with a wide variety of experience and skill levels.  There are no formal tryouts (anyone who is willing to put in the work at practice will make the team), and we will welcome all boys who would like to play.  



The Lady Knights softball team has won four Desert Mountain League Championships since 2004. Desert Christian had a 10-6 record last year, placing fourth in the DML. Desert Mountain League softball teams include Boron, Lone Pine, Mammoth, Mojave, and Vasquez.


Track and Field

Track and field is one of the oldest sports that consists of a number of events.  Most of the events are individual but a few, like relay events, involve a team. Track and field is a sport which includes the skills of running, jumping, and throwing.  There are long distance runs that take endurance, short sprints that take speed, and throwing events that take technique and strength. 


Volleyball (Boys) 

Volleyball is a popular team sport with a rise in college scholarships.  In volleyball, players play in a team of six scoring points by hitting, tapping, and passing a ball over a net.  It is a great and fun high-speed sport for all students.  Whether you have played before or not, volleyball is a sport you can be a part of at Desert Christian. Learning to play volleyball is possible for all players, even beginners.