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College Counseling

SAT/ACT Registration and Prep

SAT Link:

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Khan Academy:

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Financial Aid

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) applications are processed October 1 - March 2:

CSS Profile:



Federal Student Loan Programs

Education and Training Vouchers for Current and Former Foster Care Youth

Students and Financial Literacy



College Board Opportunity Scholarships (starts junior year)

Prudential Spirit of Community Award - - November Deadline

GE- Reagan Foundation Scholarship - - January Deadline

CalVet - Waiver for all tuition & fees at any California Community College, UC or CSU school. Find out if you qualify at:

WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange) - Reduced Tuition Costs for out of state students at participating colleges -

Edison Scholars - - December Deadline

Elks Foundation -  Most Valuable Student Scholarship  - November Deadline

Scholarships for Military Families

See the Career Center for more information about these scholarships and many more!


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