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Polo Shirts

DCS Logo Uniform polo shirts are required for all students in TK through 12th Grade. DCS has one authorized vendor for uniform polos.

Dennis Uniforms is the exclusive supplier of DCS Polo Shirts! We are excited to introduce you to Dennis. By selecting Dennis as the exclusive supplier for DCS Uniform Polos, we are able to offer:

  • Our standard Unisex Pique Polo shirt in 6 colors
  • A feminine cut polo
  • A new “TechPlaited” performance polo in select colors
  • A zip hoodie that meets the HS Outwear requirements
  • The convenience of online shopping
  • Free shipping directly to your home on orders over $75
  • Several payment options, including a buy now, pay later option
  • Designated sale dates 
  • The convenience of purchasing OPTIONAL uniform style shorts, pants, skirts, or skorts

Please review these flyers for more information about our new Uniform Polo supplier:

Welcome Kit
Shopping Guide

Shop Dennis Uniforms using the provided link on the right side of this page.

Samples for sizing are available in the front office on the main campus.


Middle School PE Clothes

B’s Embroidery is the exclusive new supplier of DCMS PE Clothes! B’s Embroidery is a local vendor that is the direct source for purchasing the required Middle School PE Clothes. All middle school students will be required to have PE clothes beginning the first day of school. By selecting B’s Embroidery as the exclusive supplier of DCMS PE Clothes, we are able to offer:

Samples for sizing are available in the front office on the main campus. Shirts and shorts are required. Sweats and warm-ups are optional, but if worn, they must be DCS uniform sweats.