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In accordance with California State law AB 500 Desert Christian Schools is posting their policies on employee interaction with students.

  • Staff personnel will not be alone in a "non-observable" place with only one or two children. Staff  will not be in the restrooms at the same time as students.
  • Help with clothing (e.g. torn dress, broken zipper, etc.) should be done in an open situation with other children and/or adults in clear sight.
  • Staff personnel will not allow children to sit on their laps. In early childhood this can be done, but must be in full sight of other children and adults.
  • Student initiated demonstrations of affection need to be handled with discretion, taking into account the age of the child.
  • No form of physical contact will be used in trying to get a child's attention or in any discipline situation. If a child is uncooperative, it will be reported to an administrator rather than attempting to gain compliance by physical means.
  • When transporting children, staff members should  make every reasonable attempt to avoid transporting an individual child. To prevent children from being unattended, a staff member may be required to transport an individual child. In such an emergency a staff member should attempt to contact the parent to advise them of the need. If a parent is not available, the staff member must contact their supervisor or another non-family staff member to advise them of the situation, the plan for transporting, and expected arrival time. This helps prevent impressions of impropriety.