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Desert Christian Schools Gymnastics Center is located on the main campus. Gymnastics and Cheer are offered as enrichment programs for Desert Christian students in preschool through fifth grade.  

CheerBears is a nationally known Desert Christian program that is for children from four years of age through 2nd grade. Our elementary cheer team is 3rd-5th grade.

The beginning recreational gymnastics experience emphasizes basic skills for the development of strength, flexibility, and coordination, and includes the teaching of basic gymnastics routines.

The beginning cheerleading program teaches partner stunts, pyramids, jump techniques, tumbling, music routines, and cheers.

The Desert Christian Gymnastics Center is also open to the community and offers gymnastics for every age and ability, from Mom/Pop & Me classes (as early as walking age) to high school age, and advanced Junior Olympic competition teams for boys and girls.  


For more information, please contact Kathryn Dimmitt at


Kathryn Dimmitt

Gymnastics Center Director