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Dual Credit/ Advanced Placement


Advanced Placement Courses (AP)

Desert Christian High School offers AP classes that may earn students college credits in addition to meeting high school graduation requirements. 

  • Students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes may take the College Board Advanced Placement exam that is administered on campus in the spring.  Exams are scored on a 1-5 scale.  If a student scores a three or better on the test, they will likely earn college credit (subject to the discretion of the individual college or university).
  • AP classes currently offered at DCHS: AP Literature, AP Language, AP World History, AP U.S. History, AP U.S. Government & Politics,  AP Statistics and AP Calculus.

Dual Credit Courses

Dual Credit courses are available to students with administrator and teacher approval.  These courses not only meet the DCHS requirements for graduation but earn college credit through The Master's College as well.  

  • Students enrolled in advance classes with the dual credit option may take the online class for credit through an agreement with The Master's College. 
  • Students who pass the class with a grade of C or better will receive college credit.  This credit is transferable to other colleges and universities.   
  • Dual Credit Courses currently offered at DCHS: English Literature, English Composition, US Government, and Macroeconomics.