International Students

Desert Christian Schools is open to international students who attend under an F-1 visa through our International Student Program. After acceptance to the program and the payment of fees an I-20 form will be issued to the student. DCS is open to international students in kindergarten who are residing with their parents; students in grades one through six may reside with either their parents or a verifiable blood relative. Seventh through twelfth grade students may be living with a guardian or host family not related to them.

For more information about applying for admission to our International Student Program, contact Cheryl Corlew, Coordinator - International Student Program, at 661-948-5071, ext. 237 or Mrs. Regina Bloemendaal, High School Registrar, at 661-723-7441.

Three W International

Desert Christian Schools partners with Three W International to provide comprehensive international student enrollment management to students from China.  Together, we are able to provide unparalleled support and service to our international students, from general admissions to post-arrival and beyond.  If you are a student from China and are interested in applying to Desert Christian Schools, please contact Three W International at

You may also contact our Designated Admissions Liaison, Cara Buchanan 

Cara Buchanan

Designated Admissions Liaison