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High School

High School Athletics

Athletics are part of God's creation. As such, athletics are intended to bring glory to Him, our Heavenly Father. Athletics from a Christian perspective should have several distinct characteristics that allow coaches, athletes and spectators to bring glory to God. These distinctives are drawn from God's Word and, therefore, may be different from "the world's" viewpoint. It is vital that each Christian athlete, coach and spectator be willing to submit, make changes, grow and mature so that God will be pleased. Oftentimes this change is difficult due to past experiences, ingrown patterns, respected examples and simple tradition ("I coach the way I was coached"), yet these need to be brought under the scrutiny of God's Word for validation or rejection (Leviticus 20:23, Romans 12:1-2).


To establish/sponsor competitive teams geared toward the competitive nature of CIF sanctioned sports.

To provide an opportunity for an athlete to gain knowledge and skill for advanced levels of commitment or play.